Advanced Security Solutions

With more access and entry points come more opportunities for data breaches, which necessitates a multi-layered approach to your security strategy. Identify and classify your data, protect your organization's assets, proactively manage your entire ecosystem, detect threats before they become liabilities, and respond quickly and effectively.

Uplevel Your Analysts
Boost productivity, reduce alert fatigue and prioritize incidents

Connect The Dots
See the full attack story and spot previously unseen activities

Hunt Harder, in More Places
Automate your hunt: 8 million events processed/second.

Detect Attacker Behaviours
Stop ransomware, fileless malware and lateral movement using complex behaviour models

Ever Evolving, Real Time Environment Picture
Get complete visibility: every user, process and connection. Remediate with one click

Zero User Impact
No blue screens, less than 10MB traffic per endpoint per day, and less than 5% of CPU or RAM

Cyber Awareness Training

Cyber Awareness Training
Your best security software that budget allows will not protect you against your weakest link: Employees. Educate users and create a human firewall against the ever changing attack types and threat vectors.

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Our Preferred Partner: Cybereason

Go on the Offense Against Attackers

Deep Hunting Platform
Built upon a proprietary Deep Graph dynamic database, the full-stack, behaviour-based hunting system analyses more data, more deeply, (at a rate of 8 million incidents per second) than any solution on the market.

Light Sensors and Fast Deployment
Cybereason© platform can be deployed across the organization with mininal effort, be up and running in less than 24 hours. Silent sensors are quickly deployed on endpoints and servers collecting telemetry in real time.

Modern, Full-Stack Platform
Combine your Endpoint Detection and Response, Next Generation AntiVirus, anti-ransmware, and fileless malware protection on a signle platform.

Suitable for SME and Large Organizations
Cybereason© solution is architected and built from the ground up to manage small scale deployemnts as well as large enterprise networks (More than 1 million end points)

Keep Ransomware Away

RansomFree from Cybereason© is the only free tool that provides ransomware protection against 99% of ransomware strains, including never-before-seen types.