Cyber Security Event - Ottawa 2018

Cyber Security 2018: Building Resilience Now and For the Future

Early March 2018, Ubi Technology inc. was a proud sponsor of the The Conference Board of Canada's Cyber Security 2018 event: Building Resilience Now and For the Future. The theme of the event was around how companies prepare for a possible breach, what to do should a breach occur and what risks does the future hold. We were graced with speakers from all corners of North America and from different industries.

We explored different topics, including but not limited to building effective cyber security programs, effective communication strategy, increasing information sharing across industry players, benefits of obtaining cyber security insurance, creating a resilient culture, and liability implications in a cyber security breach.

Here is are some great key takeaways by Dr. Satyamoorthy Kabilan:

1. Supply chains risks and third party supplier risks are growing. Malicious attackers will target your suppliers to get to you. Ensuring your supply chain is secure is a key piece for building cyber resilience.

2. Collaboration, both internally across functions and externally across partners and competitors is essential. Sharing information and communicating across functions provides invaluable intelligence and understanding which are important for building cyber resilience

3. Plan, prepare and exercise. Your cyber crisis will never be identical to your exercises but exercises will provide you with a better understanding of your crisis management capabilities and where you can improve. Learn and get ready before the crisis hits.

4. Use the experts including external ones when needed. Breach coaches, PR and #crisiscomms professionals are essential to successfully navigating a cyber incident. A cyber resilient organization knows when to call for help and it’s own limitations when dealing with a crisis

Visit the conference board website for more details