Cyber Awareness Training

As the methods hackers and malware creators use to trick users are constantly changing, it is important to keep users up-to-date on not only the basics of IT and email security, but also the ever changing attack types and threat vectors. User security training is a vital piece of securing your network.

SMEs and Large Enterprises
Cyber threat is real for large enterprises as well as small companies, our training is conceived with the goal of covering all aspects of cyber attacks for both large and small companies.

Engaging Training
In this interactive session, employees as well as trainers exchange information and knowledge through slides, discussions, tests and simulation exercise. At the end of the training,

Extensive Content
Our comprehensive workshop content covers all areas of cyber security in order to protect your employees. We cover topics like phishing attack, domain spoofing, password strength and other preventive measures.

Simulation Exercises
Our simulation tools allow employees to experience a cyber security attack in a safe environment, giving them the opportunity to learn first hand and recognise patterns in order to defend better